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  • Integrative approach to psychotherapy

  • Medium to long-terme timeframe

  • Psychodynamic - existential humanistic theoretical comprehension

  • Mindfullness practice

My psychotherapy and supervision services are offered online (tele-psychotherapy). I only use the sensory modality of hearing (telephone). My experience of the last years has led me to understand the effectiveness of this way in relation to my psychotherapeutic approach centered on the elaboration of the internal world. Please consult the psychotherapeutic path section to find out more. Several studies showed that psychotherapy by telephone is as effective, or even more effective for some, than in person.​​



​In summary, there are three phases that overlap in my approach to psychotherapy:


1 - Exploration of past (life story), current life situation and determination of intentions for the future

2 - Awareness of personality dynamics and inner dialogue

3 - Integration and development of tools to practice new ways of being, doing and feeling in relation to the understanding of your personality and intentions


To find out more, please consult the “psychotherapeutic path” section.

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